Dark Empire (Star Wars: Dark Empire #1)
Veitch, Tom & Kennedy, Cam (Illustrator)

ISBN 9781569710739
Uitgever Dark Horse Comics
Taal Engels
Categorie strips,Star Wars, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Disney
Meer info 1995, paperback, covered with plastic, good copy
Extra informatie The epic-length story that re-energized the Star Wars franchise is now available in a new edition, with a new cover by Magic the Gathering artist Mark Zug! Join Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie as they battle the Empire's latest super-weapons: the gigantic, planet-destroying World Devastators! Six years after the Battle of Endor, the Empire has been reborn, guided by a mysterious new leader. With a price on their heads, our heroes are on the run. Han and Leia struggle to protect their unborn child from the bounty hunters and Imperial troops that dog their steps. But their greatest danger may lie in the troubled heart of a hero--as Luke succumbs to the lure of the dark side!

€ 11,00

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