Ghost of Chance
Burroughs, William S.

ISBN 9781852424572
Uitgever Serpent's Tail
Taal Engels
Categorie literatuur,Fiction, Literature, American, Madagascar, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Novels, Fictie, Literatuur
Meer info 2002, paperback, good copy
Extra informatie Ghost of Chance is an adventure story set in the jungle of Madagascar and filled with the obsessions that mark the work of the man who Norman Mailer once called, ‘the only American writer possessed by genius.’ While tripping through the author's trademark concerns—drugs, paranoia, and lemurs, this short novel tells an important story about environmental devastation in a way that only Burroughs can. Born in 1914, William S. Burroughs is the author of Junky, Naked Lunch and The Soft Machine and many other contemporary classics. A major figure of 20th century American literature, Burroughs died in 1997.

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